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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyers and Marijuana Laws

Written by lisaspitzer on . Posted in Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Blog, Ft Lauderdale criminal lawyer, Ft Lauderdale Marijuana Lawyer

Medical marijuana did not pass and you can get arrested for the possession, distribution sales and generally caught with it in Fort Lauderdale.  Although many states have legalized it or lightened penalties, Florida is not one of them.

Right now Florida has  strict marijuana laws.  Possession and sales of cannabais  can  lead to jail time and loss of your drivers  license.  If you’ve been arrested in Ft Lauderdale on marijuana charges you will need a criminal attorney.
Florida Marijuana Laws and Convictions Penalties

If  convicted of a  marijuana crime you will lose their driver’s license for six months to two years.

Unfortunately possession of marijuana in Flt Lauderdale carries a potential jail sentence regardless of whether the possession is for persona, medical usel  or sale. Possession of up to 2o grams of marijuana is a misdemeanor charge.

Felony convictions can result from the  possession of more than 20 grams.

Cultivating more than 25 plants is considered intention to sell in Ft Lauderdale., This  is a felony.

Paraphernalia possession or sale is a misdemeanor.

Misdemeanor marijuna possession in Ft Lauderdale can result in  up to 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Delivering less tahn 20 grams to another person carries the same penalty.

Possession of any larger amounts of marijuana for personal use comes with a $5,000 fine and 5-year prison term.
Marijuana Cultivation Penalties

Having more than 25 plants is considered possession with intention to sell, which comes with a 15 year jail sentence and $10,000 fine.

Delivering more than 20 grams but less than 25 pounds of marijuana can result in a 5-year jail sentence and fine of $5,000. Sale and delivery of more than 25 pounds of marijuana is considered drug trafficking in Broward.

Trafficking comes with mandatory minimum sentences. This depends  on the amount of marijuana being distributed. Trafficking less than 2,000 pounds is a   3 year   jail  sentence and  a fine of $25,000. For trafficking between 2,000 and 10,000 pounds of marijuana, you  pay a $50,000 fine and go to jail for seven years. For trafficking any amounts greater than 10,000 pounds, you  go to prison for 15 years and pay a $200,000 fine. If any of this occurs within 1,000 feet of a school, public park, public housing facility, daycare center or church, you must pay a $10,000 fine and serve 15 years in prison.

This is rather unbelievable considering there are states where it is legal

Ft Lauderdale Marijuana  Criminal Defense Lawyer Guy Seligman

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