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Fort Lauderderale Sexual Offense Crimes Lawyer

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Fort Lauderdale  Sexual Offense Crimes Defense Attorneys

Have You  Been Arrested for a Fort Lauderdale For A  Sexual Offense?

You should discuss your charges with a with a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale before answering any questions.

Contact our Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney to discuss your charges.

Experienced Lawyer For Defense Against Date Rape Allegations and Other Sex Crimes in Fort Lauderdale

Guy Seligman has extensive experience in handling these charges. Attorneys For Capital sexual offenses, sexual battery, aggravated sexual assault, Lewd conduct, indecent exposure, Spousal rape, date rape, statutory rape,
Child molestation, child rape, child sexual abuse, Internet sex crimes, Possession and distribution of child pornography, Violations of sex offender registry laws, failure to register, Solicitation of prostitution, pimping, pandering, prostitution and sate rape crimes.

Contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale  Sex Crimes Defense Attorney


A Ft Lauderdale criminal lawyer can Help You, Lawyer for Your Criminal Defense

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Getting arrested in Ft Lauderdale is not laughing matter. Whether you are a visitor or local you will need experienced criminal defense. A Group of experienced Criminal Defense lawyers are ready to help you. Criminal Defense lawyers Ft lauderdale  has been helping the arrested with an aggressive criminal defense since 1997.

What can i look forward to If I am arrested in Ft Lauderdale?

Broward County  Florida which consists of the major cities of Ft Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach , and Hollywood has the 12th largest jail system in the United States. Interesting thought? That means no problem putting you in one of them.

If you are  arrested in ft lauderdale you will first go to the local Police Department and  the Arresting Officer  will complete his paperwork. While at the Police Station. You will get that wonderful mug shot that is forever and picked up online for all to behold. Imagine your girlfiriend or parent shwing that wonderful picture off or putting it on their I phone.  You most  will have been  arrested for



There are  four jail facilities in Broward county:

  • Main Jail Bureau also home to Central Intake (Inmate Booking)
  • Joseph V. Conte Facility
  • North Broward Bureau
  • Paul Rein Detention Facility

Is a Fort lauderdale  Criminal Defense Lawyer Necessary?

You must  understand the importance of talking to a criminal defense lawyer from  Ft lauderdale  immediately.

Florida has created laws, sometimes so minor, it makes you wonder why your local police even took the time to charge you or your loved one with the crime they have. But if you or someone else has been questioned, are being investigated or have been charged with a criminal offense in Broward County, you need to begin preparing your legal defense immediately.

With the help of a  Ft Lauderdale criminal defense attorney, you must begin developing a defense strategy that will from the outset, keep you free on bail while you fight and/or negotiate the charges against you. Staying out of jail and fighting your charges from home as opposed to from a jail cell is one of the most important things you can do. A ‘free’ man has a lot more leverage in defending himself.

With the help of a Ft lauderdale  criminal defense lawyer  you  can in most cases, at the very least, decrease the severity of a criminal sentence. Even better, a criminal lawyer understands the loopholes and procedures necessary to attempt to get your charges dismissed completely.

A Ft Lauderdle  Criminal Defense Lawyer’s main responsibility is to you. The criminal lawyer’s future livelihood depends on his ability to analyze the probable outcome of your case and do everything to work the case in favor of you. To do anything short of this is considered unethical and could get the lawyer in trouble with the Florida State Bar Association. He could even lose his right to practice law. Therefore, you both have skin in the game. In a sense, both you and your criminal lawyer are fighting to protect your future.

The opposition, the Broward District Attorney, knows that very few people who are arrested understand the law or know what their rights or options are. The DA also knows that you are frightened and are in ‘panic mode’. Therefore, he will do everything in his power, overwhelming you with his knowledge, in order to force you into taking a plea of guilty in exchange for less time and/or a less severe criminal offense.

A good Ft Lauderdale  criminal lawyer, coupled with a knowledgeable client who is willing to fight his case to the very end, puts the Broward District Attorney on defense and forces him to put his energies into cases where there is no lawyer defending a client. The DA just wants convictions. It helps his career and it is the sole factor that his work is judged by. If he meets too much resistance and the credibility of the charges come into question, he will walk away.

The key is an experienced Broward County, Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer  who has been in Broward county long enough to know the system. Call Criminal defense Lawyer Fort Lauderdale and we will connect you with one of our Criminal lawyers today. 1 877 522-2123


Senior Citizen Arrested ? Speak to a Senior Criminal Defense Lawyer

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As a Social worker working woith senior populations for many years I am amazed at how many seniors get arrested. Although criminal lawyers deal with all criminal defense there does not appear to be any criminal lawyers who deal with the specific needs of a senior being arrested. Depending on medical and mental health jail can be extremely traumatic for a senior. A senior first time offender requires aggressive intervention. AARP made the forecast some time ago that the largest criminal class yet to come will be seniors. Well, we have a very large population getting older now and this is the "free Love" generation so maybe we will have an increase in arrests.

However we need to look at the various pressing situations including petty crimes due to mental  status or need. We have juvenile lawyers why not senior citizen defense lawyers. This is an interesting population to consider.

Researchers studying the effects of California's three-strikes law have found a puzzling trend: older adults are being arrested for felonies in droves, while felony arrests of juveniles are dropping.

The trend can be attributed to an "enormous increase in drug abuse" by an aging population, according to Mike Males of the San Francisco-based Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, during a three-strikes symposium at the University of Southern California earlier this month.

If you are a senior citizen in Florida and you have been arrested call our Ft Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer Network to locate a criminal defense lawyer who concentrates on seniors. We choose our lawyers based on the speciific charge and or age group or need.

There are  Juvenile defense lawyers. Why not senior defense lawyers? If you are a senior and have been arrested call us first. Timing is crucial. You o not want to spend time in Jail.

  •     Aiding & Abetting / Accessory,
  •     Assault / Battery,
  •     Drug Possession,
  •     Burglary,
  •     Theft / Larceny,
  •     Arson,
  •     Aggravated Assault / Battery,
  •     Attempt
  •     Bribery,
  •     Child Abandonment,
  •     Child Abuse
  •     Child Pornography
  •     Computer Crime
  •     Conspiracy
  •     Credit / Debit Card Fraud
  •     Criminal Contempt of Court
  •     Cyber Bullying
  •     Disorderly Conduct
  •     Disturbing the Peace
  •     Domestic Violence
  •     Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation
  •     Drug Trafficking / Distribution
  •     DUI / DWI
  •     Embezzlement
  •     Extortion
  •     Forgery
  •     Fraud
  •     Harassment
  •     Hate Crimes
  •     Homicide
  •     Indecent Exposure
  •     Identity Theft
  •     Insurance Fraud
  •     Kidnapping
  •     license suspension
  •     Manslaughter: Involuntary
  •     Manslaughter: Voluntary
  •     Medical Marijuana
  •     MIP: A Minor in Possession
  •     Money Laundering
  •     Murder: First-degree
  •     Murder: Second-degree
  •     Open Container Law
  •     Perjury
  •     Probation Violation
  •     Prostitution
  •     Public Intoxication
  •     Pyramid Schemes
  •     Racketeering / RICO
  •     Rape
  •     Robbery
  •     Securities Fraud
  •     Sexual Assault
  •     Shoplifting
  •     Solicitation
  •     Stalking
  •     Statutory Rape
  •     reckless driving
  •     Tax Evasion / Fraud
  •     Telemarketing Fraud
  •     Vandalism
  •     White Collar Crimes
  •     Wire Fraud


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