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A Ft Lauderdale Juvenile criminal conviction can have a lasting effect on your child’s life. Call Juvenile Defense Lawyer Network Broward County for an Experienced Juvenile Defense Lawyer Today. Your child’s future is at stake. [Read More]

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Criminal Lawyers of Fort Lauderdale, our Criminal Defense Lawyers bring over a century of legal experience to the Criminal court room. They have been defending Floridians accused of crimes for many years. [Read More]

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What is a Criminal Appeal Call Fort Lauderdale Criminal Appellate, Appeals Lawyer Network for A Broward County Criminal Appeals lawyer today. Make your criminal appeal, get the court to reconsider your verdict. [Read More]

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Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer Network will help you find a way to clean your arrest record through record expungement or record sealing. Clean Your Records! Call Criminal Record expungement Lawyers now. [Read More]

DUI Lawyers in Ft Lauderdale

While a Ft Lauderdale DUI lawyer cannot always guarantee your charges will be dropped, he or she can provide essential legal counsel and help you take the best course of action depending on your specific circumstances. [Read More]

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Lawyer For Your Criminal Defense

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Have you been arrested in Fort Lauderdale or accused of a crime? You will need acriminal defense attorney. This decision will effect you for the rest of your life.Depending on the severity of the crime, your priors and the attitude of the prosecutor the right criminal lawyer will pick the right criminal defense for your specific situation.

If you have been accused of a crime in Fort Lauderdale you will be expected to  appear in court. Your criminal attorney will consider a criminal defense strategy for you.Sunrise, FL

  • The insanity defense
  • You were forced to commit a crime because you were threatened with unlawful force
  • You were going to commit a crime or be an accomplice to a crime but then decided to abandon any involvement.
  • Self-defense
  • Consent
  • Intoxication
  • Statute of limitations

The criminal defense  choosen  will depend on the crime you are charged with and the evidence you have on your behalf.



Fix Your Fort Lauderdale Suspended License, Get Your Driving Privileges Back, CDL Suspensions

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Our experienced  Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, Florida Keys suspended license lawyers can get that drivers license fixed and get you back on the road again.

We can help you in: Key west, Homestead, Hialeah, Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, North Miami, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Fort Lauderdale,  Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, Belle Glade, Okeechobee, Stuart, Port St Lucie and thru Melbourne.

If you are a trucker we also have experienced CDL suspended license lawyers ready to help you 24hours, 7 days.

Florida CDL Suspension Lawyer,
Fort Lauderdale Commercial Driver's License Suspension ,

We  know that, as a commercial driver, you need an i clean driving record. A conviction for speeding, reckless driving, DUI or other moving violation can lead to a loss of employment and ability to earn a living:

  •     The suspension of your commercial driver's license (CDL)
  •     The loss of your job and earning capacity
  •     Driver points on your record which will be considered in employment
  •     Increased insurance fees  for you

Suspended, Revoked License Lawyers

  •     Too many points on your license can cause suspension
  •     Child support  payments passed due can cause suspension
  •     You failed to pay traffic ticket fines, your license is suspended
  •     Failure to pay a court judgment
  •     Driving without insurance
  •     Failure to appear in court
  •     Habitual traffic offender
  •     Reckless driving, accident at fault, vehicular homicide
  •     DUI arrest and convicted of drunk driving
  •     Drug charges, having drugs in your vehicle
  •     Prostitution offenses
  •     DUI arrest and conviction in causing an accident
  •     Refusing to take the breath test
  •     Failure to attend court-order traffic school
  •     Failure complete DUI program
  •     Racing
  •     Other criminal charges and convictions


Some Additional Facts

 You can be charged with violation of Florida State Statute 320.38 (related to license plates) and 322.031 (related to driver's licenses).  This can happen if an officer stops you for a traffic violation and (for instance) sees you with a Tampa Bay area private company parking hang tag and your out of state license plates.  That's not a traffic infraction – it's a criminal misdemeanor offense!

You can also be charged with perjury (and be liable for back property taxes) if you are claiming homestead exemption on property you own in Florida.  You can also be charged with perjury if you placed children in public school and told the school officials that you were a resident (after all, nonresidents who place their children in Florida public schools are subject to a $50 tuition fee).  Same thing goes for college students from out of state who try to claim in-state tuition.  Perjury is a very serious matter – it's a criminal third degree felony!  (See Florida State Statute 92.525).

Let us help you get your drivers license back and in some cases a hardship license or reduced penalty.

To Get Your License Back We will Need to Know Why It Was Suspended.

Why Was My Drivers License Suspended? We Can Help You Find Out.

and then help you get back on the road.

  •     Check Points on your License
  •     Review Any Committed Offences
  •     Check the status of your driver’s license
  •     Review Driving History
  •     Check Number of Tickets
  •     Check Number of Accidents

Why Was My Drivers License Suspended?

  •     If you receive 12 points within a 12-month period, your Florida driver’s license will be suspended for 30 days.
  •     If you get 18 points within 18 months, your Florida driver’s license is going to be suspended for three (3) months.
  •     If you accumulate 24 points within 36 months (3 years),  one (1) year suspension of your driver’s license.

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyers, Criminal Lawyers for All Charges

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Criminal Defense lawyers Fort Lauderdale announces expansion of the  criminal attorney network to include attorneys with expertise in the following criminal charges:

  • Alcohol Related Offenses
  • DWI – Driving While Intoxicated
  • DWI – Penalties
  • DUI – Driving Under the Influence
  • Suspended License
  • Drivers License Reinstatement
  • MIP – Minor in Possession
  • Theft Related Offenses
  • Theft Charges
  • Forgery Charges
  • Fraud Charges
  • Assault Related Offenses
  • Assault – Bodily Injury
  • Assault Family Member
  • Assault Deadly Weapon
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Related Offenses
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Posession of Medical Marijuana
  • Marijuana Cultivation
  • Possession of Cocaine
  • Federal Drug Charges
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Sex Related Offenses
  • Prostitution
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Sexual Assault of a Child
  • Child Pornography
  • Internet Sex Charges
  • Online Solicitation of a Minor
  • Sex Crimes Investigations
  • Other Charges
  • Federal Charges
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Probation Violations
  • Criminal Investigations
  • White Collar Charges
  • Federal Investigations
  • Criminal Defense Lawyer

Covering all of Broward county and the Greater Fort Lauderdale area: Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Mirimar, Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Cooper City, Oakland Park, Coral Springs, Tamarac, Deerfield Beach, Pompno Beach and Boca Raton.

Criminal Lawyer Network Ft. Lauderdale

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Broward Juvenile Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer Ft Lauderdale, Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Network

Contact us at 1 800 733-5342

Our Offices are located at:

thru-out Broward County Florida
Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pompano Beach
If you have been arrested and need a lawyer you have come to the right place. Our lawyers are carefully screened for their specific expertise in the different aspects of criminal law. You will be matched with alwyer with experience in you specific criminal arrest related problem.
Your choosenCriminal Lawyer has in depth knowledge of criminal law.  Criminal lawyers deal with criminal offenses, which are usually established by Congress or state legislatures. The term "criminal law" also encompasses the rights of an accused and the criminal process, including arrest, arraignment, grand juries, pleas, discovery, pretrial hearings, trials, jury selection, evidence, motions, and posttrial remedies. it is the job of a criminal lawyer to know and understand these aspects of criminal law and use them to provide a defense for you. The main purpose of the criminal law is to set forth the punishment for criminal offenses. The main purpose of a criminal lawyer is to defend your rights against proof any crime, no matter how serious, the prosecutor must prove that the accused committed a guilty act with a guilty mind beyond a reasonable doubt. A criminal lawyer will use all his skills, if you have found a good one, to get you the best situation for you specific charge.  Many things must be taken into consideration including the County of the arrest and the general attitude of the state attorney, local sheriff and judge regarding your specific charge.
In Broward County, Ft Lauderdale :

Individuals who have been placed under arrest are first transported to Broward Sheriff's Office Central Intake Unit, which is located at the Main Jail in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Upon arrival, they must complete the following steps:

  • Property Intake
  • Medical Screening
  • Fingerprinting
  • Photographing
  • Warrants Check

While the staff at Central Intake is dedicated to ensuring the prompt processing and release of eligible arrestees, the amount of time required to complete this process may be affected by the volume of arrestees being processed simultaneously and/or the availability of information from state and national databases.

At this point it would be in your best interest to contact a criminal lawyer.

Appearance in Magistrate Court

Arrestees who are not bonded out of jail appear before a magistrate judge the day following the arrest (including Saturdays and Sundays). Proceedings usually begin at 8 a.m., however this depends upon the presiding judge. The judge will inform the arrestee of the charge(s) and, if appropriate, will set a bond amount.

In misdemeanor cases, the judge may accept a guilty plea and release the arrestee on his or her own recognizance or for time-served.

Magistrate proceedings may be viewed on the monitor located in the lobby of BSO's Main Jail.

Now it is time to hire a Ft Lauderdale  Criminal lawyer

f you are facing charges in Fort Lauderdale, a criminal defense attorney can help advise you through the legal process and represent you in court. You need to make sure you have an experienced, expert criminal defense lawyer on your side to help you get results. Call Criminal lawyer network , ft Lauderdale.

When you are being charged with a crime, it is unwise to represent yourself. You need an experienced professional whom can guide you through the process and fight on your behalf. And of course you can always get a court appointed lawyer for free, but a hired lawyer is almost always yiur best bet.  Contact criminal lawyer Network Ft Lauderdale today


Greater Ft Lauderdale Criminal Defense, DUI Defense, License Suspensions

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Criminal defense Lawyer for the Ft Lauderdale area including : Ft Lauderdale, Davie, Cooper City, North Lauderdale, and all of the ft Lauderdale area.

Your ft lauderdale criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer Network Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyers  bring over  a century of  experience to the Criminal court room. They have been defending people accused of a crime for many years. Getting arrested or being accused of a felony, misdemeanor  can be a frightening experience. Your first reaction my be anger, disappointment,and confusion. Your first step must be to hire an experienced Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense lawyer who understands the  Broward County Criminal Court system. If you have been charged with a crime, choosing the right criminal defense lawyer is  the most important decision you can ever make. It can ultimately mean the difference between freedom and incarceration.

Your Ft Lauderdale DUI Defense lawyer

Driving under the influence (DUI) (driving while intoxicated (DWI), drunken driving, drunk driving, operating under the influence, drinking and driving, impaired driving) is the act of driving a motor vehicle with blood levels of alcohol in excess of a legal limit. a  is a valuable, and often essential, commodity. A DUI Defense lawyer is a criminal defense attorney specializing in defending people charged with DUI criminal offenses. This type of lawyer is invaluable for his or her ability to help explain legal circumstances to you, including what constitutes driving under the influence and how serious the charges against you may be. Ft Lauderdale DUI lawyers are very experienced in dealing with the DUI laws in t Broward County.  They can use this knowledge to help you fight any DUI charges. While a Ft Lauderdale  DUI lawyer cannot always guarantee your charges will be dropped, he or she can provide essential legal counsel and help you take the best course of action depending on your specific circumstances. Call DUI Defense Attorney Network, Ft Lauderdale today.

Your Ft Lauderdale License suspension lawyer

 Suspended license lawyer Network Ft Lauderdale lawyers have helped hundreds of Florida drivers restore their Florida driving privileges even if your case involved multiple DUI convictions and suspensions.  Our Criminal defense law firms represent clients at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Administrative Review hearings in Broward County.  These hearings can be complicated and operate similar to a Court appearances.

Understanding Gangs, For Parents, Juvenile Defense Lawyers

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Broward County Florida has been seeing a rise in gang crime. What makes a Juvenile turn to a gang ?  If your child is arrested as  a member of a gang  for a criminal act you will need a good Juvenile defense lawyer.

People do not choose the environment into which they are born and grow up. But even in what sociologists term the most "criminogenic" environments (i.e., environments that appear to foster crime), there are individuals and institutions that provide inspiration and a well defined path toward becoming a responsible human being. Schools, churches, and community and athletic organizations offer opportunities to those who avail themselves of them.

In the "family" of the gang, anyone is expendable. "Loyalty" is demonstrated through the street code of "don't snitch" or inform. When a gang member is incarcerated, his so called-family is not likely to be at the ready to assist him, help his mother, or look out for his little brother.

Gangs offer power, control, and excitement. The primitive rites of initiation, the violence, the drugs are hardly to be equated with the nurturing  and stability a real family offers. For many who lack such a family during their childhood, they struggle to educate themselves, acquire skills, and work to perhaps one day have the sort of stable, nurturing family that they missed.

Juvenile crimes as part of a gang means your child may be headed for continuous arrests down the line. You will need an experienced juvenile defense lawyer.

So You have been Arrested ? What to Do Next, Get a criminal Defense Lawyer

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Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Of  Criminal defense Lawyer Fort Lauderdale can tell you what to do when you have been arrested.

When you're stopped by the police, you run the risk of being arrested or hurt, or both. Most officers will not act improperly, but whether they act properly or not you still need to protect your rights and keep yourself safe. As A criminal defense lawyer I would say this is smart advice so far. Of course , you should contact a good criminal defense lawyer immediately. Playing tough guy will never work to your benefit.

Build a trust with the police officer be a good citizen, be courteous, stay calm, smile and don't complain. Show respect and say things like "sir and no sir." Never bad-mouth a police officer, stay in control of your words, body language and your emotions. Keep your hands where the officer can see them, never touch a police officer and never run away!

Stay calm and be aware of your words, body language, and emotions. Good advise again. The calmer you are, the more the chances the officer may not go ahead with the arrest unless they have a good reason. You certainly do not want a resisting arrest charge and you will always look  better on a cooperative police report. Remember the police report is just the beginning. Your bond has to be set and the state attorney will decide whether or not to press charges. Give your criminal defense lawyer help by looking like a steadfast citizen at the arrest. This is always a better bargaining tool. What you say to the police is always important. What you say can be used against you, and it can give the police an excuse to arrest you, especially if you badmouth a police officer.

Do not run or walk away. Keep your hands where police can see them.  Don't put them in your pockets. (Don't make the police nervous by wondering if you have a weapon.) Don't make any sudden movements. Never touch a police officer. Very good advice. No need to incite or appear like you are becoming violent.  The better you look the easier to is to start the bargaining on your behalf. Get a Ft Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer right away.

Be polite and respectful.  The police officer is in charge now. Do not give them any reason to over react. And again a mild police report is better then one full of violence. And once again get a criminal defense lawyer. Remember, a full line of people are going to be reading that police report from the Bondsman, to the state attorney to the judge, if it gets that far. A bond will be set and you do not want to look like a threat.

Give your name and address only if you're asked to, but remember you don't need to say anything more. (The caveat is that if the police are annoyed by your refusal to say more, they may take you to the station out of spite.) Remember, anything you say or do can be used against you later. Your rights come first. Contact a good criminal defense lawyer asap. If you have a cell phone ask to call your lawyer. You can put your lawyer on the phone to talk to the officer. However this can only happen if the setting is calm and you do not look like a threat.

To search you or your vehicle the police must have a warrant, or have arrested you, or have probable cause that you committed a crime. If the police lack these they may ask you for permission to search. If you GIVE them permission, then you can't argue later in court that they performed an illegal search. Again contact a criminal defense lawyer on the spot if you can. Be careful but protect your rights.

Try to remember the officers' physical descriptions. Try to memorize badge numbers, names, license plate numbers, and police car numbers. Once the police stop questioning you, write all this down as soon as you are able. Another good piece of advise but, not as good as call a criminal defense lawyer right away

Ask bystanders to stand at a discreet distance and observe. The police are less likely to do something wrong if there are people watching. People have a right to stand at a reasonable distance and observe as long as they do not interfere. (The police may consider that bystanders repeatedly asking them questions constitutes "interference".) Get the names and phone numbers of the witnesses afterward in case you need them in the future.

If you are being abused, don't resist. Once multiple officers start hurting you, you can't stop them by resisting, and struggling may only encourage them. Think of a cat playing with a mouse — while the mouse is struggling, the cat is excited, but when the mouse stops moving, the cat loses interest. In some cases, the police may continue to abuse you even if you don't struggle, but since struggling can't help you, it's best not to try.  Again you do not need a resisting arrest charge or an excuse for the officer to feel like he has to protect himself.

You may have some Additional Charges slapped on you if you attempt to resist an Arrest

  • Resisting Arrest and Battery on Police Officer
  • Assault and Battery
  • Resisting Without Violence
  • Resisting without violence is a misdemeanor offense..
  • Resisting With Violence
  • Resisting with violence is a serious felony.
  • Battery or Assault on a Police Officer
  • Battery can be touching, bumping, spitting, poking, or any physical contact.

If your boyfriend  has been accused of Resisting Arrest With or Without Violence or Obstruction of Justice, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner. Contact Criminal Defense lawyer Fort Lauderdale Network of lawyers before or after charges have been filed. Get a   Florida criminal defense attorney right away.

Criminal Defense lawyer Fort Lauderdale Discusses Broward Jail System

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Broward County  Florida which consists of the major cities of Ft Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach , and Hollywood has the 12th largest jail system in the United States. When you have been arrested that is an interesting concept to consider. It basically means they have room for you and that they have a police force ready to arrest. If Arrested, get a Criminal Defense Lawyer, Fort Lauderdale

What happens to a you when they are arrested in Broward County and brought to jail?

If you are  arrested in Broward County  you will first go to the local Police Department so the Arresting Officer can complete his paperwork. While at the Police Station,  you will be will be held in a holding cell, awaiting a transporter to take you to the Broward County Sheriff Station, BSO. This is Broward Counties Main Jail.

The Broward Sheriff's Office  the second largest jail system  to have earned national accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Corrections. The Department of Detention and Community Control oversees all jail facility operations and community-based offender programs within Broward County. This is also quite significant.

The most common cause of arrest in Broward County is for DUI ,Driving Under the Influence and DWLS  or Driving While License Suspended. Common penalties include:

  • Loss or suspension of license
  • Large fines
  • Substance-abuse treatment
  • Jail or prison time
  • Community service
  • Restitution
  • Criminal record
  • Restrictive probationary license programs, including ignition interlock devices and Cinderella licenses

The Broward county Sheriff is on the look out for Drunk Drivers. With a large jail system there is not need to worry about enough room for you or your  drinking partners

Department of Detention is a Huge System

Annually, approximately 63,220 inmates crossing every ethnic, age and socioeconomic group are booked into BSO's jail for crimes ranging from civil infractions to murder. The average daily population at all jail facilities, including work release inmates, exceeds 4,600 and is expected to rise each year. The department's Transportation Bureau moves nearly 180,000 inmates annually between facilities, to and from court appointments, and to and from state prison. Many inmates arrive with drug or alcohol addictions, mental health problems, or both, requiring BSO to administer a range of medical and rehabilitative programs. These numbers are quite large when you consider the actual size of Broward county.  The message is clear. You do not want to get arrested in Broward county Fort Lauderdale Florida

There are  four jail facilities in Broward county:

  • Main Jail Bureau also home to Central Intake (Inmate Booking)
  • Joseph V. Conte Facility
  • North Broward Bureau
  • Paul Rein Detention Facility

There are special units like the Emergency Response Team and Security Threat Group whose main role is to assist detention , jail  facility staff in maintaining a secure and productive environment for inmates and facility personnel.

BSO puts non-violent criminals to work in its inmate work program, which saves Broward County taxpayers more than $1.2 million annually in labor costs related to neighborhood and community-wide improvement projects. Just think , How many inmates are there to help with these programs ?  Do you want to be one of them ? Get yourself an experienced Criminal Defense lawyer, Fort Lauderdale.

The key is an experienced Broward County, Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer  who has been in Broward county long enough to know the system. Call Criminal defense Lawyer Fort Lauderdale today.

  • Criminal Lawyers In Fort Lauderdale: Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyers Get a criminal lawyer if you have been arrested in Fort Lauderdale from Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer Network. Our lawyers have ove 25 years criminal defense experience with offices in t... [Read More]